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Body contouring

Body contouring is a general term that refers to any surgical procedure that alters different areas of the body, whether it is in a massive weight loss patient or not. Body contouring after massive weight loss refers to a series of procedures t
hat eliminate and/or reduce excess skin and fat that remains after obese individuals lose a significant amount of weight, in a variety of places including the torso, upper arms, chest, and thighs.

Food-restriction operations to the stomach have several side effects. One such undesirable side effect that is very bothersome andvisible is the loose, hanging skin that covers much of a weight loss patient's body. Because hundreds of pounds have stretched the patient's skin to the maximum, it has lost its elasticity and the ability to spring back. Instead, the newly slimmed patient must deal with so much extra hanging skin, he or she can actually stumble on an overhanging panniculus, the large apron of skin hanging from the stomach that can cover the pubis and groin areas. Notably, many extra inches (and sometimes, feet) of floppy skin hang from the upper arms, the chest, the stomach, the upper thighs and buttocks.

Most people who have lost massive amounts of weight complain about the difficulty of getting their fleshy arms into sleeves and their excess stomach skin tucked into clothing. Many say that sitting on the loose skin is like sitting on Jell-O. Most women in this state condition require a mastopexy, or breast lift, often in conjunction with breast implants. Men who have body shaping surgery usually undergo male breast reduction surgery to remove the pendulous skin hanging from their chests.

The extra rolls and sheets of skin rub against each other, creating many spots of irritation and leading to hygienic difficulties. The masses of excess skin also make any form of exercise difficult.

While the procedure is expensive, often running in the neighbourhood of US$20,000-50,000 for an entire body, it usually leaves long, visible scars on the arms, chest, stomach and legs. Most surgeons break the surgical task into an upper, and a lower, body lift. A lower body lift removes the sagging skin on the back, abdomen, buttocks and thighs while the upper body procedure removes loose skin from the arms, breasts and chest.


  1. It is one of the biggest & ultra-modern private Plastic Surgery Centre in India.

    Goals - Consistent safe, effective and aesthetically pleasing results.

    Bembde hospital is the pioneer Cosmetic surgery center in the central Maharashtra since 1999.
    It has a separate cosmetic surgery wing with a dedicated Hair transplant and Laser surgery Operation theaters along with beautiful and specious super deluxe and VIP suits.

    The first Breast implant, Tissue expander, mega Liposuction, and Hair transplant surgeries in this region were performed in Bembde hospital.

    We provide Complete Privacy & separate VIP lounges for Cosmetic Surgery Patients.

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    Liposuction and Body contouring Clinic
    Gynecomastia clinic
    Breast clinic
    Rhinoplasty – Nose reshaping clinic
    Facial rejuvenation clinic
    Botox and fillers clinic
    Hair Transplant and Restoration clinic
    Vitiligo- white patches treatment clinic
    Scars and Tattoo removal clinic
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    Laser clinic –CO2 laser
    Ear and Eyelids surgery clinic
    Vaginal cosmetic surgery clinic

  2. Bembde Hospital is a pioneer in the field of Cosmetic Surgery, Hand Surgery, Microvascular surgery & advanced Burns Care in the region.

    Inspiration "As a citizen of India, armed with knowledge and technical expertise and above all a great sense of patriotism for our country, I realize that Small Aim Is a Crime."
    ................................................................- Shree APJ Abdul Kalam (Ex-President of India).

    :: Goals ::
    1. To achieve excellence in all fields of Plastic Surgery.
    2. Plastic Surgery for the Masses.
    3. Consistent, Safe, effective and aesthetically pleasing results.

    :: Vision ::

    Inspiring model for other Plastic Surgery Hospitals.
    Training facility for junior Plastic Surgeons, other physicians & Paramedical Staff.
    Education of the society for the prevention of Burns & Trauma.
    Plastic Surgery Specialties Available in our hospital
    Cosmetic Surgery Centre - Pioneer in the region since 1999.
    Laser Surgery –CO2 laser for treating moles,tags, tattoo, etc. The first Laser in the region since 2006.
    Hand Surgery Centre - For Complex Hand Injuries & Industrial Trauma and birth defects of hand.
    Micro vascular Surgery Centre - Regional Centre of Excellence in Central Maharashtra.
    Diabetic Foot Clinic - Advanced Surgical Care of Foot Ulcers & Preventive Care.
    Reconstructive Surgery – Only destination in the region for complex Reconstructive surgery of Trauma, Leg injury & Open Fractures, Cancer, Birth anomalies, etc.
    Facio-maxillary Surgery—Facial injuries & fractures of facial bones. Surgery for chin, orbit and jaw deformities.
    Burns Centre-Pioneer in India about Early Mega Excision of Burns & Grafting and Meek micrografting . One of the best and advanced Burns centre in India.
    Smile Train Project : Free Surgeries for poor patients of cleft lip and palate.
    Other Multispecialty Services-
    General Surgery and Laparoscopy
    Orthopedics Surgery
    Joint replacement, Arthroscopy and Spine surgery
    General Medicine and Diabetes management
    Cancer surgery and Chemotherapy
    ENT – Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery
    Dermatology & Cosmetology.

    We attract patients from Central Maharashtra and Pune region also we treat lot many overseas patients.

  3. Dr. Ramakant H. Bembde

    Dr. Bembde is a Senior Consultant Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon practicing independently with his own hospital set up since 1999.He has special interest and expertise in Cosmetic Surgery since last 14 years.

    He has completed M.Ch. Plastic Surgery training at Topiwala National Medical College & B.Y.L. Nair Hospital Mumbai in 1998, after having Master’s degree in General Surgery in 1994. He was also awarded the prestigious degree of Diplomat of National Board in Plastic Surgery in 1998. He has also done Research Fellowship in Cancer Reconstructive Surgery at one of the biggest cancer hospital in Asia - Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai during 1998 to 1999.He was also honored with M.N.A.M.S. (Member of National Academy of Medical Sciences) .
    These are the highest qualifications in the field of plastic surgery in India.
    Landmark during training - The first successful replantation in the Dept. of Plastic Surgery Nair Hospital –Dr.Bembde has successfully performed hand replantation for a case of amputation at the level of wrist using loupe & few primitive microsurgery instruments in June 1997.

    Academic Achievements -He has presented many original research papers on cosmetic and reconstructive surgery , Liposuction and Abdominoplasty , Diabetic foot ulcer management , Microvascular Replantation and revascularization ,Reconstruction for complex Leg and foot defects, Meek micrografting, Fracture penis ,Vaginal cosmetic surgery, Pediatric burns , Hand burns management , Mega-excision and grafting in major Burns in many International ,National , and Regional Conferences – World Congress of Plastic Surgery –IPRAS, Asia Pacific Burn Conference , APSICON- National conference of all India Plastic Surgeons, NABICON-National Academy of Burns Conference, MASICON & MOACON – Maharashtra Orthopedics Conference ,etc.
    Also he has been invited as National Faculty at various conferences all over India.

    He has published original research article on Pedicled Anterolateral Thigh Flap for Reconstruction of Cancer of Penis in European Journal of Plastic Surgery in1999.
    Dr. Bembde & his hospital team has keen interest in the prevention of Burns & Hand trauma. He is educating about prevention of burns & industrial accidents at schools, colleges & industrial sectors regularly as a social responsibility.

    Dr. Bembde is one of the Few Plastic Surgeons in India to become the member of International Society of Burn Injuries since 2006.

    Bembde Hospital being one of the biggest , most advanced and successful Plastic Surgery Hospital in India ,Dr.Bembde has been invited to deliver lectures on ‘How to Establish Successful Plastic Surgical Hospital’ in many National Conferences and meetings.
    Bembde Hospital is an ’Inspirational Model’ for the young generation Plastic Surgeons of India.

    He has performed more than 7000 successful plastic surgery cases of different varieties during last 14 years.
    Dr.Bembde is an active partner of Smile Train, USA since 2007 for providing free plastic surgery for poor patients of Cleft Lip and Palate.

    Dr.Bembde is pioneer in the region for many cosmetic surgeries like Breast implant, Breast reconstruction, Rhinoplasty , Tissue expander for hair restoration , Mega Liposuction , Autologous Fat injections for facial rejuvenation , Microdermabrasion , CO2 LASER , Acne surgery, Ear reconstruction, vaginal surgery etc.

    Memberships of Professional Bodies

    Association of Plastic Surgeons of India.
    Association of Cosmetic Laser Surgeons of India.
    Indian Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.
    Association of Hair Restorative Surgeons of India.
    Indian Society for Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
    Cosmetology Society of India
    International Society for Burn Injuries
    Indian Society for the Surgery of the Hand
    Indian Society for Reconstructive Microsurgery
    Indian Society for Cleft Lip and Palate and Cranio - Facial Anomalies
    Brachial plexus Surgery Group of India
    National Academy of Burns in India.
    Diabetic Foot Society of India.
    Indian Medical Association

  4. Milestones-


    May 1999

    Plastic Surgery Setup With Six Beds. The First Regional Cosmetic Surgery & Microvascular Surgery Center.


    Aug. 1999

    The first Rhinoplasty Surgery in Aurangabad.


    Sept. 1999

    The first Liposuction and Abdominoplasty Surgery in the Central Maharashtra.


    Dec. 1999

    The first successful Plastic Surgery For Fracture Of Penis. A rare surgery.


    Jan .2000

    Plastic Surgery original article in the European journal of plastic surgery.


    Feb. 2000

    The first successful Replantation Of Amputation Of Thumb in the region.


    April 2000

    The first Regional Burns Care centre.


    April 2003

    One of the biggest Plastic Surgery setup in Maharashtra state with 18 beds.


    Aug. 2003

    The first 'Early Mega Excision' of major burns and homograft.


    Jan. 2004

    Installation of Carl Zeiss Operative Microscope - The first installation in individual plastic surgery hospital in Maharashtra.


    Aug. 2004

    The first Ear Reconstruction using rib graft. The first of its kind in the region.



    Ganga Micro Surgery course to enhance Micro Surgery skills


    Oct. 2004

    The first Tissue Expander Surgery in the region for Post Burn Alopecia in a seven years child with only 40 % available donor site.


    Dec. 2004

    The first Breast Implant Surgery for Breast Augmentation in the region.


    Jan. 2005

    Availability of S and T(Switzerland) Instruments. The first of its kind in the region.


    Jun. 2005

    Installation of the first CO2 laser in the region.


    Jun. 2005

    The first installation in the region of Micro-Dermabrader Reviderm Germany.


    Jul. 2005

    The first Replantation in the region of Amputated Middle Three Fingers ray.


    Feb. 2006

    The first successful total hand Replantation Of Avulsion Amputation Of Hand in press machine in the region


    Sept. 2006

    Installation of C-Arm machine. The first installation in an individual plastic surgery setup in Maharashtra.


    Nov. 2006

    The first installation in the region of Peripheral Nerve Stimulator B Braun Germany.


    Jan. 2007

    Presentation in NABICON 2007 & APSICON 2007 about the Mega Excision in major burns. The original innovative concept.


    Aug. 2007

    Installation of Meek Micrografting machine (The only third machine in India) & meek cordless dermatome (The only second machine in India) for skin graft expansion in patients of major burns.


    Oct. 2007

    Smile Train, USA Project for free surgery of Cleft Lip & Palate.


    June 2008

    Started Diabetic Foot Centre. (First of its kind in the Central Maharashtra)

    26 Jan 2009 First Specialty Breast Clinic
    27 June2010 Started Hair Transplant Clinic.
    28 23 Oct 2011 One of the bigest Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery Hospital in India.

  5. “I was completely satisfied with the surgery and Dr. Bembde did a marvellous job by reconstructing my nose - Rhinoplasty that made a positive change in my life, personality and attitude.“ - Sapna

    “I convey my deep regards for the Succesfull Liposuction & Tummy tuck Surgery for me. Entire team of Doctors is very co-operative and gives the homely atmosphere. Even Nursing and supportive staff is very helpful. Special thanks to Dr.Bembde and Dr.Miniyar." - Poonam

    “ I admitted my sister for liposuction, Your hospital is totally maintained. Your hospital staff is very nice and very co-operative. You all doctors are very talented due to that such a great surgery was very easily done. Heartly thanks for that. One Request – don’t change your staff in any condition and pattern of your hospital. Keep it up ! Our all wishes are always with you. Special thanks for Dr. Bembde Sir, Dr. Minyar Sir, Dr Apsingekar Sir, Dr.Dipak Sir, Dr. Kulkarni, Dr Prachi, Bindu Sister, Deepali Sister and all other co-operative staff.“- Vikas

    “Special and Heartly congratulations for successful surgery of gynecomastia- excess fat on chest for my son. Also many thanks for co-operation of whole staff “
    - Neelema

    "I was so frustrated with 10 sessions of chemical peels, followed by skin polishing, for acne scars with no results. I just had 2 sessions of Dermaroller, with no downtime making my pits fuller. The Dermaroller treatment has rejuvenated my skin making me more confident.
    "Acne Scar Patient"

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